DGI Brief - May 31, 2016

Good morning! Today's top 5 news on global issues are from #Iraq #WesternSahara #Russia #Egypt and #Europe - IRAQ: Est. 50,000 civilians are trapped in Fallujah, over the weekend 3,000 fled. At least 4,000 fled Mosul for the safety of…Syria. Fears of sectarian cleansing after liberation persist. - WESTERN SAHARA: Will this provide some movement on the political (and military) stalemate between Polisario Front and Morocco? Neighboring Algeria supports the PF & causes frictions with Morocco at a very precarious time. - RUSSIA: Beware of going against Kremlin’s narrative that everyone loves them, even a simple ‘Like’ can land you in prison for 2 years. #freedomofspeech - EGYPT: We may envision

DGI Brief - May 30, 2016

Good Monday to all. Today's top 5 global issues news from #SaudiArabia #Italy #Israel #Uganda and #Australia - SAUDI ARABIA: The 11 HASEM members received combined 92 years in prison under terrorism, endangering national security & other charges aimed at silencing Saudi civil society. Appalling. - ITALY: 16,478 refugee/migrant children arrived by sea in 2015, 2016 already saw arrival of 5,000. Under the “Joint Declaration of Intent” UNICEF will provide technical assistance & monitoring for activities addressing protection & humanitarian needs of children. - ISRAEL: the new majority of nationalist & religious hard-liners in Netanyahu's government is making the international community & propon

DGI Brief - May 27, 2016

Good morning and a happy Friday, all. Today's top 5 global issues news are from #Syria #UK #SouthKorea #USA #Mexico and a #GoodStoryFriday about #sustainability and #innovation - UK: The operation aims to curb human trafficking, but also weapons. ISIS is very active in illicit arms trade. - SOUTH KOREA’s calls are to disrupt military and financial links between North Korea & countries like Uganda. Lots of eligible “allies” make this call a difficult task. - #GoodStoryFriday: BioCarbon Engineering (UK) can seed 36,000 trees a day, costing 15% less than traditional methods and with higher success rate than dry seeding. We lose about 6.5 billion trees due to human activities and natural disaste

DGI Brief - May 26, 2016

Good morning, everyone. Here are today's top 5 news on global issues: #Italy #Senegal #SriLanka #warcrimes and #Cameroon - ITALY: Just this year, Italian Coast Guard brought 37,000 migrants to Italian shores as they attempted the perilous crossing from Libya. How many made it on their own & how many perished? - SENEGAL: In 2 years, the Casamance forest may disappear, as illegal rosewood exports via Gambia to China flow unabated. “Soon the only thing growing will be climate refugees.” We truly must wake up, implement all our laws, regulations, initiatives. Take a stand! Watch your own consumption, ask about the suppliers & brands you support. - SRI LANKA: Of course we ought to help, yet it is

DGI Brief - May 25, 2016

Good Wednesday to all. Today's top 5 global issues news are from #Ukraine #Greece #Afghanistan #UN and #Liberia - GREECE: The move averts a potential debt burden of up to 250% of Greece’s GDP by 2050, but the country’s debt is still huge and double-digit unemployment could last beyond 2040. - AFGHANISTAN: Objections to the new extremist leader, Mullah Hibatullah Akhundzada, come from number of splinter factions opposing the selection process as undemocratic (my word), i.e. w/o input from all religious scholars and tribal elders (The Taliban's words). - UNITED NATIONS: World leaders endorsed 5 responsibilities to improve aid delivery, support refugees, uphold international law, increase finan

DGI Brief - May 24, 2016

Good morning, all. Tuesday's top 5 global issues news: #SriLanka #Sudan #Cuba #Greece and #Peru - SRI LANKA: 116 people are missing in the worst floods in 25 years, and the monsoon season is not yet over. - SUDAN: If Sudan went solar, they could power whole of Africa in one day, but sadly the warring, genocidal government turns away from the sun for the dangers of nuclear. - GREECE: The migrants & refugees at Idomeni are said to represent 1/5 of the 50,000 people stranded in Greece, now a forced destination country in the face of shut EU borders. - PERU: Studies show that close to 50,000 people – predominantly indigenous groups – have as much as 6x the acceptable levels of mercury. The toxic

DGI Brief - May 23, 2016

Good morning and good Monday to all. Today's top 5 news on global issues: #Syria #Vietnam #USA #Epidemics #Austria #Turkey - VIETNAM: With its highly professional army and relative stability, Vietnam’s ability to defend itself against Chinese threats in the South China Sea are central for the US strategy in the Asia-Pacific region. What about Vietnam’s poor human rights record? The country is the biggest jailer of journalists in the world, with no civic participation… - WORLD: The World Bank Group facility provides coverage up to $500 mil for 3-yr period for outbreaks likely to cause major epidemics like influenza pandemics, SARS, MERS, Ebola etc. The WBG estimated that PEF would have mobili

DGI Brief - May 20, 2016 (headlines)

Happy Friday, all. Today's top 5 news on global issues: #Humanitarianaid #Israel #France #Angola and #GoodStoryFriday from #Taiwan - WORLD: More crises – natural disasters & conflict – leave more people in acute need of aid globally. It is simply not financially sustainable, nor do we really have the capacity to respond to so many global tragedies. More interesting data at http://bit.ly/1XFpv87 - #GoodStoryFriday: Tsai Ing-wen isn’t only Taiwan’s first female president, she's also a first woman head of Asian state not related to a male in power. Most importantly, she leans toward independence, a difficult position for China to stomach. #humanitarian #conflict #climatechange #disaster #defens

DGI Brief - May 19, 2016

Good morning, Thursday. Today's top news on global issues - #Ethiopia #Lebanon #EU #USA #Oklahoma and #Montenegro - ETHIOPIA: The rains & floods replace 18 months of severe drought, leaving people & government stressed to cope. - EU: The Commission also decided not to fine Spain & Portugal for missing their fiscal targets mandated by EU rules. - USA: Felony for doctors? ...I only have expletives crowding my mind … but women's rights groups say the Oklahoma bill is unconstitutional and will be challenged immediately should Gov. Fallin (R) sign it. - NATO: The invitation is still subject to approval by the parliaments & senates of all 28 current members #climatechange #environment #fiscalcrisi

DGI Brief - May 18, 2016

Happy Wednesday to all. Here are my top 5 news on global issues: #SriLanka #Europe #Mexico #Somalia and #Pakistan - EU: A report by Europol & Interpol estimates that smugglers charged $3,200-$6,500 per person, these costs will likely climb & journeys get more perilous, especially for unaccompanied minors, as EU clamps down. Europol estimates at least 10,000 kids are missing, living in shadows, forced into drug dealing, sex trafficking, forced labor. We are failing! - Pakistan, Afghanistan, China and USA continue to fail getting the Taliban to talk peace. There is no carrot or stick here. Also, Kabul snubbed this round, sending only their Ambassador to Pakistan, showing anger over Pakistan’s

DGI Brief - May 17, 2016

Good morning, everyone. Today's top 5 news on global issues are from #Iraq #Afghanistan #France #Myanmar and #SaudiArabia AFGHANISTAN: The attack on MSF hospital in Kunduz was deemed human error by US military who made ‘condolence payments’ of $6,000 for dead & $3,000 for wounded victims. MSF urges these amounts are inadequate. DoD paid $5.7 million to Afghan government to rebuild the hospital. Meanwhile, heavy spring offensive has displaced more than 22,400 people in Kunduz. FRANCE: Despite state of emergency and violence, protests allowed as a fundamental right. MYANMAR: The new government, full of dissidents including the leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s, has freed hundreds of political prisoner

DGI Brief - May 16, 2016

Good Monday morning, everyone. Today's top 5 news on global issues are from the #Philippines #Iran #Colombia #Venezuela and #Libya The Philippines: also on President-elect Rodrigo Duerte’s menu: control crime with “shoot-to-kill” policy, hang killers & hang them 2nd time if convicted of killing along with robbery & rape, ban the use of luxury cars by Cabinet members, impose a curfew for drinking, ban children walking alone… Iran: The crackdown operation Spider II arrested 8 & identified 170 from Instagram & Facebook – models, photographers & makeup artists involved in modeling without headscarves. 7,000 undercover officers police Tehran for violations of Islamic dress code – yes, targeting m

DGI Brief - May 13, 2016

Good morning and good Friday to all. Today's top 5 news on global issues are from #Syria #USA #SouthAfrica #Brazil and #GoodStoryFriday about #wildlife #conservation - SYRIA: Despite prior clearances by all parties, the joint aid convoy was refused entry to Daraya yesterday at the last government checkpoint. The town is besieged since November 2012. The convoy included medical, hygiene & nutrition supplies and intended a vaccination campaign for children. Another notch added to the list of despicable acts of Assad’s regime. - SOUTH AFRICA: The ruling is a legal victory for tens of thousands of South African miners who worked in mines during apartheid under horrid conditions. - #GoodStoryFrid

DGI Brief - May 12, 2016

Good morning, everyone. The top 5 news on global issues are about #politics #impeachment #environment #religion #diplomacy #displacement and #education - Not that President Rousseff isn’t guilty of fiscal mismanagement, it’s that this impeachment process is going after the glass house of Brazil’s government: every administration used banks to advance money off the books, give subsidies, it’s how the system is set up. The way out is a giant monster of an overhaul of everything! - WHO reports that more than 4 out of 5 people live in cities exceeding air pollution threshold: 90% in poorer and 56% in high-income countries. Global urban air pollution rose 8% between 2008-13. - What is even more s

DGI Brief - May 11, 2016

Good morning to all. Today's top 5 news on global issues are from #Iraq #DRC #Turkey #Germany and #SaudiArabia: Today is the deadliest string of attacks Baghdad has seen this year, greatly undermining the advances against ISIS. Iraq is in a deep political crisis and the military fight to retake Mosul and Anbar province won’t succeed without cross-sectarian cohesion. DRC: how long can Congo postpone elections past November allowing Kabila to extend his 15-year rule? Just ask any neighboring country, really. Turkey’s definition of ‘terrorist’ & ‘terrorist act’ is purposefully broad to include freedom of expression and press. Even USD 6.8 billion and fast-track EU membership won’t incentivize E

DGI Brief - May 10, 2016

Good morning, all. Here are my top 5 news on global issues: ‪#‎Afghanistan‬‪#‎Kenya‬ ‪#‎Syria‬ ‪#‎Panama‬ and ‪#‎USA‬ - Kenya cited security as a reason to close the Kakuma and Dadaab (world’s biggest) refugee camps, hosting mostly Somali refugees, claiming threats from militants like Al-Shabaab who hide & recruit from among them. The options are bleak: either people forcibly return home, go to other camps (Ethiopia, South Sudan) or … the government takes serious steps to integrate refugees into Kenyan society. There are plenty of local integration & livelihoods programs that can be used, but none will work if the government isn’t willing. - The number of Cubans heading for the US rises ami

DGI Brief - May 9, 2016

Good morning, all. Today's top 5 news on global issues: #Philippines #Brazil #NorthKorea #HIV #AIDS and #Haiti - The Filipino presidential front-runner Rodrigo Duterte aka “Duterte Harry” is likened to Donald Trump, his campaign full of sex & rape jokes, foreign policy of provocations, promises to kill criminals & drug users. A 5-month case study for the US, if he wins. Pay attention. - A win for President Rousseff, a loss for Brazil – it’s not the end of the impeachment process, just more time & divisions - New UN report warns: if status quo unchanged, the AIDS epidemic will rebound & undo our achievements of last 15 years. You can find the report at http://bit.ly/1WjvoZ5

Daily Global Issues Brief - May 6, 2016 (headlines)

A good Friday to all. Here are today's top 5 news on global issues from #Syria #Nigeria #NorthKorea #Kazakhstan and a #GoodStoryFriday about #disabilities Everyone denies responsibility for the “seemingly calculated attack” on an internally displaced persons (IDPs) camp as the world issues the strongest condemnations. Was it an airstrike or a ground rocket shelling? Either way, what will be the consequences for this heinous war crime? NIGERIA: The demands of the militants center around greater share of oil profits for fishermen & farming communities destroyed by oil pollution. As expected, Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un was celebrated for his achievements making North Korea a nuclear-armed state


The legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational use has long been a divisive issue, with plenty of poignant arguments from supporters and opponents alike. So far the voters of 23 states voiced their collective “yes”, just as Ohio recently took to the polls to sound their resolute “no”. Our personal views aside, there is a need to take a constructive look at what this issue represents for businesses and human resources management. Latest statistics from Quest Diagnostics, a drug-testing company, indicate that positive results for marijuana use in the workforce have risen by 6.2% (2013 figure), in Washington and Colorado as much as 23% and 20% respectively. These figures highlight a

Daily Global Issues Brief - May 5, 2016 (headlines)

Good morning, all. Here are my top 5 news on global issues from #Syria #Turkey #Pakistan #Israel #Gaza and Brazil. SYRIA: Is it misunderstanding or purposeful ambiguity of the new US-Russia brokered cease-fire? Did truce begin Wednesday 12:01am (US claim) or Thursday at 1:00am (Syrian claim)? Are groups affiliated with Al Nusra Front for strategic military purposes not covered by the truce? As questions pile up, more people die. With PM Davutoglu resigning, President Erdogan is growing as uncontested power house – less checks & balances, more crackdowns on rights groups, journalists, protesters… That is the player in Syrian conflict & refugee crisis? ...very concerning.


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