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DGI Brief - May 31, 2016

Good morning! Today's top 5 news on global issues are from #Iraq #WesternSahara #Russia #Egypt and #Europe

- IRAQ: Est. 50,000 civilians are trapped in Fallujah, over the weekend 3,000 fled. At least 4,000 fled Mosul for the safety of…Syria. Fears of sectarian cleansing after liberation persist.

- WESTERN SAHARA: Will this provide some movement on the political (and military) stalemate between Polisario Front and Morocco? Neighboring Algeria supports the PF & causes frictions with Morocco at a very precarious time.

- RUSSIA: Beware of going against Kremlin’s narrative that everyone loves them, even a simple ‘Like’ can land you in prison for 2 years. #freedomofspeech

- EGYPT: We may envision female genital mutilation (FGM) to take place under the radar, rusty instruments and all, but this young girl died at the hospital while under anesthesia for this procedure. It is estimated that 90% of Egyptian women have had some form of FGM. Time to end this.

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