Daily Global Issues Brief - 31 March 2016 (video)

Daily Global Issues Brief – March 31, 2016 LIBYA: UN-brokered unity government arrives in Tripoli, promises ceasefire WORLD: Sea levels to rise faster than thought; carbon emissions must be cut MEXICO: Mexico City orders cars off roads one day a week to tackle air-pollution COLOMBIA: Government begins peace talks with ELN, Colombia’s second largest guerilla group QATAR: New report shows Qatari Government systemically abusing World Cup stadiums laborers (and beyond) Thank you for your support. Don't forget to subscribe.

Daily Global Issues Brief - March 30, 2016 (video)

Daily Global Issues Brief – March 30, 2016 WEST AFRICA: WHO confirms Ebola no longer “a public health emergency of international concern’ MYANMAR: New government sworn in, Suu Kyi expected to head 4 ministries BRAZIL: Brazil’s largest party quits President Rousseff’s governing coalition SYRIA: UN calls for resettlement of 480,000 Syrian refugees as richest countries avoid their commitments JAPAN: Regulators use innovative technology to create an ice wall around Fukushima to stop radioactive water leakage Thank you for your support. Don't forget to subscribe!

Daily Global Issues Brief - March 29, 2016 (video)

Daily Global Issues Brief – March 29, 2016 ARGENTINA: UN commission expands Argentina’s maritime territory to include Falkland Islands EGYPT: Hijacker of Egyptian plane ‘unstable’ but not a terrorist, stand-off ends peacefully US: FBI successfully hacks terrorist’s iPhone and drops lawsuit against Apple NORTH AMERICA: Alaskan and Mexican volcanoes erupt hours of each other ANGOLA: 17 “Luanda Book Club” members sentenced to jail for discussing book on nonviolent resistance Thank you for your support. Want to always be in the know on global issues? Please subscribe.

Daily Global Issues Brief - March 28, 2016 (video)

Daily Global Issues Brief – March 28, 2016 PAKISTAN: Taliban suicide bomber targets Christians in Lahore park blast, at least 70 killed and 300 wounded SYRIAN: Government forces retake ancient city of Palmyra; ISIS destroyed countless heritage EAST CHINA SEA: China protests as Japan opens radar station in disputed East China Sea ISRAEL: Supreme Court requires amendment to natural gas deal for lack of regulatory powers GREECE: Stranded migrants target of leftist activists who spread rumors and misinformation Thank you for your support. Don't forget to subscribe.

Daily Global Issues Brief - March 25, 2016 (video)

Daily Global Issues Brief – March 25, 2016 LEBANON: Government signs finance agreements with development banks to cope with Syrian refugees ENGLAND: Former MI6 chief claims exiting EU will benefit UK’s security ANGOLA: WHO declares yellow fever outbreak amid global vaccine shortage HAITI: Lawmakers approve new government; setting up electoral commission next step #goodstoryFriday: Flash Drives for Freedom - countering North Korean propaganda with movies, music and information For more information about Flash Drives for Freedom visit: www.flashdrivesforfreedom.org www.HRF.org www.Forum280.com Thank you for your support. Please subscribe to be always in the know on global issues.

Daily Global Issues Brief - March 24, 2016 (video)

Daily Global Issues Brief – March 24, 2016 BOSNIA: Former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic convicted of genocide, sentenced to 40 years MYANMAR: New government urged to release all political prisoners IRAQ: Iraq’s military begins offensive to retake Mosul from ISIS NEW ZEALAND: New Zealand votes to keep current flag US/ARGENTINA: Obama to release classified documents on “Dirty War” in a move to reset US-Argentina relations, Catholic Church follows Please subscribe. Thank you for your support.

Daily Global Issues Brief - March 23, 2016 (video)

Daily Global Issues Brief – March 23, 2016 POLAND: Poland “unable” to take any refugees after attacks in Brussels AUSTRALIA: Australian Prime Minister announces clean energy policies WESTERN SAHARA: UN closes military liaison office at Morocco’s request; UN staff expelled SOUTH CHINA SEA: Taiwan show to media (read: to Philippines) Taiping is an island, not a rock GREECE: UNHCR and MSF suspend activities in Greek islands’ refugee ‘hotspots’ Thank you for your support. Please subscribe.

Daily Global Issues Brief - March 22, 2016 (video)

Daily Global Issues Brief – March 22, 2016 BELGIUM: ISIS claims responsibility for Brussels explosions that killed at least 34, wounded 200 US/SYRIA: Justice Departments files charges against Syrian pro-Assad hackers COLOMBIA: US Secretary Kerry meets Colombian peace negotiators; despite peace talks 250,000 children affected by the conflict DRC: In landmark case ICC finds former Congolese rebel leader guilty of war crimes for rape and sexual violence WATER: One in 10 people have no access to clean water #WorldWaterDay #Blue4Water Here are some links to inspire, have a conversation and continue the important work of bringing clean water to all. - UN WATER: An entity that coordinates the UN’s

Daily Global Issues Brief - March 21, 2016 (video)

Daily Global Issues Brief – March 21, 2016 WORLD: UN weather agency warns – hotter temperatures are the new normal RUSSIA: Court begins to deliver verdict for Ukrainian pilot; will cease-fire fall? CUBA: As US and Cuban Presidents meet, new American businesses arrive to Cuba YEMEN: Government and Houthi rebels agree on a cease-fire EUROPE: Despite migrant deal, thousands continue to flow into Greece; what is Turkey doing? Thank you for your support. Please subscribe.

THE ASIA-PACIFIC THREATS AND BEYOND, Part 1: Defense Cooperation and Cyber Security

PERSPECTIVES FROM U.S. - JAPAN ALLIANCE CONFERENCE: STRENGTHENING STRATEGIC COOPERATION DAY 1 - March 14, 2016 in Santa Monica, CA This week, RAND Corporation, a nonpartisan and non-profit research institution, held a conference entitled the “US – Japan Alliance: Strengthening Strategic Cooperation”. The event brought together top politicians, thinkers, researchers, analysts and yes, consultants, to discuss the current geopolitics, the real and perceived threats regionally and globally, and the ways forward –for the US and Japan as partners, and for the region and the world at large. Here are some highlights from the fascinating dialogue. The keynote speakers, His Excellency Onodera Itsunori

Daily Global Issues Brief - March 18, 2016 (video)

Daily Global Issues Brief – March 18, 2016 AFRICA: Guinea has 2 new Ebola cases, just as Sierra Leone ends their recent Ebola flare-up NORTH KOREA: Violating UNSECCO ban once again, North Korea test-fires medium-range ballistic missile EUROPE: EU leaders and Turkey agree on European migrant deal FIJI: $900,000 needed to clear Fiji’s deadly debris #goodstoryFriday: EU countries and businesses rolling out initiatives to donate unsold food to charities TO DONATE TO FIJI, visit: www.fiji.gov.fj/Media-Center/Press-Releases/Fijian-Government-establishes-disaster-relief-fund.aspx

Daily Global Issues Brief - March 17, 2016 (video)

Daily Global Issues Brief – March 17, 2016 SYRIA: Islamic State has lost almost quarter of its territory BRAZIL: Massive protests across Brazil as President appoints former President Lula da Silva to cabinet YEMEN: Saudi-led coalition to draw down combat operations in Yemen amid rising civilian deaths ITALY: Spike in migrant crossings from Libya due to good weather HONDURAS: Activist Nelson Garcia, colleague of Berta Caceres, murdered Thank you for your support. Please subscribe, and if you click you "Like", then Google will let more people "Like" me :-)

Daily Global Issues Brief - March 16, 2016

DGI Brief – March 16, 2016 LEBANON: One in 5 people in Lebanon is a Syrian refugee USA: US President removes major restrictions on US travel to Cuba CUBA: Officials confirm first case of Zika transmission inside Cuba NORTH KOREA: Young American tourist sentenced to 15 years of hard labor SYRIA: Syrian Kurds to declare a federal system of self-administration in Syria If you click that you "Like", then Google will let more people "Like" me. Thank you for your support.

Daily Global Issues Brief - March 15, 2016

Daily Global Issues Brief – March 14, 2016 BURUNDI: EU suspends financial support to Burundi for insufficient crisis response MOROCCO: Millions protest UN Secretary-General’s remark on Western Sahara MEXICO: Mexico City declares air pollution alert, first in 11 years AFGHANISTAN: US General requests resuming strikes against the Taliban SYRIA: 5 years since start of Syrian civil war: peace talks resume while Putin orders the withdrawal of (most) Russian forces from Syria Thank you for your support. Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel http://bit.ly/1LpdosF

Daily Global Issues Brief - March 14, 2016 (video)

DGI Brief – March 14, 2016 BRAZIL: Millions of Brazilian protesters call for resignation of President Rousseff over fiscal mismanagement IVORY COAST: Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb responsible for Sunday’s beach resort attack that killed 16 TURKEY: Government blames Kurdish militants for Ankara suicide bombing that left 37 dead, vows reprisal GERMANY: State elections see gains for nationalist, anti-migration party; worries for Germany’s “open-door” refugee policy deepen UNITED NATIONS: UN Security Council votes in resolution with ‘teeth’ to combat sexual exploitation by UN peacekeepers

Daily Global Issues Brief - March 11, 2016 (video)

DGI Brief - March 11, 2016 JAPAN: Japan commemorates 5th anniversary of devastating earthquake and tsunami that killed 18,000 people THE MIDDLE EAST: Arab League selects a veteran Egyptian diplomat as new Secretary-General WORLD: UN report urges disaster preparedness for 700 million urban dwellers in Asia-Pacific region AFGHANISTAN: The Taliban splintering in Helmand Province – opportunity for reconciliation or risk of stronger ISIS? #goodstoryFriday INDIA: Man starts street school to teach kids from slum to read and write For more on Mr. Parmar and his students, visit https://www.facebook.com/HumansOfAbad/photos/a.1546271302332348.1073741828.1546258859000259/1548705758755569/?type=3&thea

Daily Global Issues Brief - March 10, 2016 (Video)

DGI Brief – March 10, 2016 1. IRAQ: US captured top ISIS chemical arms engineer 2. MYANMAR: Aung San Suu Kyi will not become Myanmar’s next president 3. WORLD: UN says 34 countries don’t have enough food for their people 4. COLOMBIA: Government may miss peace deal deadline over guerilla disarmament 5. EUROPE: Better refugee protection response urgent – women and children on the move outnumber men

Daily Global Issues Brief - March 9, 2016 (video)

DGI Brief – March 9, 2016 1. IRAN: Two more ballistic missiles test-fired, likely violating UNSC ban 2. WORLD: WHO admits sexual transmission of Zika more common than thought 3. SYRIA: Syrian peace talks postponed by few days 4. YEMEN: In less than a year, Yemen conflict displaces more than 2.4 million people 5. EUROPE: UN and human rights groups concerned about EU refugee deal with Turkey

Daily Global Issues Brief - March 8, 2016 (video)

DGI Brief– March 8, 2016 1. CHINA: China’s exports plunge in February, falling short of even the most pessimistic predictions 2. SYRIA: Shaky cease-fire still holds, UN Agencies continue to deliver humanitarian aid 3. TUNISIA: Fierce clashes erupted between Libyan ISIS and Tunisian security forces, as extremist try to expand their stronghold in the region 4. PALESTINE: Palestinians sue pro-Israeli US-based tycoons for $34.5 billion for right’s violations 5. AFGHANISTAN: Women’s Radio Shaesta returns to airwaves after a Taliban attack. Happy International Women’s Day 2016


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