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DGI Brief - May 24, 2016

Good morning, all. Tuesday's top 5 global issues news: #SriLanka #Sudan #Cuba #Greece and #Peru

- SRI LANKA: 116 people are missing in the worst floods in 25 years, and the monsoon season is not yet over.

- SUDAN: If Sudan went solar, they could power whole of Africa in one day, but sadly the warring, genocidal government turns away from the sun for the dangers of nuclear.

- GREECE: The migrants & refugees at Idomeni are said to represent 1/5 of the 50,000 people stranded in Greece, now a forced destination country in the face of shut EU borders.

- PERU: Studies show that close to 50,000 people – predominantly indigenous groups – have as much as 6x the acceptable levels of mercury. The toxic element is also found in water and fish, all due to illegal gold mining along Peru's precious rivers. In the last decade, about 40,000 hectares (98,850 acres) of forests & rivers have been destroyed.

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