DGI Brief - Nov 29, 2016

Happy #GivingTuesday to all. Today's top 3 global issues #news are about #SouthKorea #PuertoRico and #Ukraine: - SOUTH KOREA’s President Park Geun-hey said she is willing to resign over the scandal where she enabled a family friend to have extensive influence over running the country including an indictment for coercion, fraud and abuse of power, charges to which President Park is an accomplice according to prosecutors. The caveat is that parliament must first present a plan for a peaceful transfer of power. Why it matters: Opponents complain this announcement is a tactic to delay Park’s impeachment, slated for debate this Friday. Her approval rating is 4%. Impeachment proceedings could take

DGI Brief - Nov 28, 2016

Good Monday to all. Today's top 3 global issues #news are about #Canada #Yemen and #Cuba: - CANADA’s military is plagued by a sadly common evil of sexual assault, with a new report showing an average of 3 Canadian soldiers were sexually assaulted or harassed each day over the past year. Why it matters: Canada attempts to combat the endemic sexual misconduct within its ranks after a scathing report last year, but this survey suggests the attempts have been ineffective. More than half of the military took the survey, which means the 960 soldiers who reported being “raped, grabbed, kissed, fondled or subjected to unwanted advances” are likely 2x as many. The survey also showed that only 1 in 4

DGI Brief - Nov 25, 2016

Happy Friday and International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Today's top 3 global issues news are about #HIV #AIDS #Colombia and a #GoodStoryFriday about #Jordan - WORLD: UNAIDS reports that it is well underway to its global goal of 3o million people on anti-retroviral (ARV) treatment by 2020 (currently at 18.2 mil), but urges greater action on the prevention of new HIV infections. Why it matters: In 2015, estimated 7,5000 teenagers & young women became infected with HIV every week globally! The rates are alarmingly high among young African women. The last 5 years saw only a 6% reduction in new HIV infections among women aged 15-24. In fact, young women & girls are a gro

DGI Brief - Nov 22, 2016

Happy Tuesday. Today's top 3 global issues news are about #Nigeria #Turkey and #Russia: - NIGERIA: The Ogale & Bille farmer & fishermen communities in the oil-rich Niger River Delta filed a lawsuit against Royal Dutch Shell for contaminating their water sources with oil & cancer-causing compounds like benzene. They filed in UK courts because of rampant corruption of the Nigerian courts & to hold Shell responsible for the actions of its Nigerian subsidiary (SPDC). Why it matters: The oil companies claim they haven’t produced oil in the region since 1993 & any pollution was a result of oil theft, pipeline sabotage, illegal refining & armed conflict in the area. Additionally, Shell claims it ca

DGI Brief - Nov 21, 2016

Good Monday to all. Today's top 3 global issues news are about #Canada #Germany and #freetrade: - CANADA announced today a goal to get 90% of its power from sustainable sources by 2030 & their plan centers on phasing out the use of coal-fired electricity. Why it matters: Coal is one of the dirtiest energy sources & causes of greenhouse gas emissions. Replacing it with clean/renewable technologies will significantly reduce nations’ carbon/GHG footprint & contribute to meeting - & hopefully exceeding – the global goals of the Paris Climate Agreement (COP21). Only 4 out of Canada’s 10 provinces still use coal-fired electricity. Canada joins Austria, Denmark, France, Netherlands & UK in accelera

DGI Brief - Nov 16, 2016

Good Wednesday, all. Today's top 3 global issues news are about #oilandgas #Australia and #Yemen: - WORLD: IEA reports the global demand for oil will grow steadily & the so called ‘peak demand’ – a sustained decline – won’t arrive until 2040. Why it matters: Despite our global climate change efforts that are making progress in capping our dependence on oil & reducing greenhouse gas emissions, there are still few alternatives to oil – in manufacturing, transportation, defense etc. We need more intense innovation in finding new replacements to the many uses of crude. Understandably we cannot just go cold turkey & some processes cannot be replaced & be cost effective, but we certainly can & nee

DGI Brief - Nov 15, 2016

Good Tuesday, everyone. Today's top 3 global issues news are about #newsmedia #DominicanRepublic and #Asia #USA relations: - WORLD: Google & Facebook are updating policies & algorithms that will prevent/restrict their advertising content from being placed on fake news sites. Why it matters: Both – but especially Facebook – face the challenge of fake news content dominating feeds & being promoted by their algorithms as real news to millions of users. The aim of updating their policies is to go after these sites’ advertising revenues & prevent them from making profit from misleading information. Given that in this US election cycle, up to 39% of “news” stories circulating on FB turned out to b

DGI Brief - Nov 14, 2016

Good Monday all. Today's top 3 global issues news are about #globalwarming #EuropeanUnion and #China #USA relations: - WORLD: The annual Global Carbon Project analysis shows almost no rise in CO2 emissions for the world despite an overall rise in global economic growth. This is attributed mostly to declining US coal consumption & Chinese economic slowdown – China’s expansion saw the addition of 2 new coal-fired power stations ever week driving carbon emissions up rapidly over the past 16 years, which has now sharply slowed down. However India, which is growing around 6% per year expects to double its domestic coal production by 2020. Why it matters: The global use of fossil fuels has been in

DGI Brief - Nov 11, 2016

Happy Friday to all. Today's top 3 global issues #news are about #Japan & #India, #Brazil and a #GoodStoryFriday about #Zikavirus: - Prime Minister Abe of JAPAN & Modi of INDIA signed an agreement for the sale of Japanese civil nuclear power equipment & technology to India who aims to increase its nuclear power production to support economic growth. They also agreed to increase defense cooperation, mostly through Japanese defense technology exports to India. Why it matters: Japan is intensively looking to expand its nuclear industry abroad as its domestic market is failing following the 2011 Fukushima disaster. An important deal with VIETNAM fell through this week after Vietnam realized buil

DGI Brief - Nov 10, 2016

Good Thursday to all. Today's top 3 global issues news are about #Russia #Bangladesh and #SouthAfrica: - RUSSIA’s court ruled LinkedIn broke a law requiring personal data on Russian citizens to be stored on servers within Russia. The punishment will be a complete blockage of LinkedIn across Russia. Meanwhile, Russian antitrust regular opened a case against Microsoft for failing to give sufficient time to for Windows 10 operating system anti-virus development. Why it matters: According to the complaint, Microsoft allowed just a few days instead of the usual 2-month period, giving an “unjustified advantage” to its Windows Defender software & cutting out competing anti-virus software makers out

DGI Brief - Nov 9, 2016

Good Wednesday to the world. Today's top 3 global issues news are about the #USA #India and #Turkey #EU: - USA: Donald J. Trump won 279 of the necessary 270 electoral college votes against Hillary Clinton’s 228, but in terms of popular vote, there was the tiniest margin between the 2 candidates. This signifies a very even division between Americans. The GOP also retained both the House & Senate, basically turning the US into one party system. Why it matters: As a response, the global markets plunged, but stabilized a little. Uncertainty around the world is palpable – will the new president deliver on his campaign rhetoric & sever many significant alliances, undo trade & peace deals… and the

DGI Brief - Nov 8, 2016

Happy Tuesday to all, and happy voting, America! Today's top 3 global issues news are about #Haiti #SouthKorea and #UK: - Since the devastating Hurricane Matthew hit HAITI on October 4, the number of cholera cases has been rising, with estimated >3,000 new cases especially in the worst-hit provinces of Grande-Anse & Sud. Haiti’s health ministry & int’l aid organizations launched a massive cholera vaccination campaign today with the aim to vaccinate >820,000 people within a week. Why it matters: Cholera – introduced to Haiti by UN peacekeepers in 2010 – has killed >10,000 people since 2010 & the current water & sanitation crisis is seriously undermining all humanitarian efforts. A lasting rec

DGI Brief - Nov 7, 2016

Good Monday morning to all. Today's top 3 global issues news are about #China #India and #France: - CHINA’s lawmakers approved a new cyber-security law on Monday aimed at greater protection of political powers & prevention of terrorism & crime. The law requires companies – domestic & foreign – to enforce censorships, aid in investigations, & sets tighter security standards on what, how & where data can be stored. Why it matters: Human rights & business groups warn that the law exacerbates the crackdown on dissent, freedom of expression & privacy. The business concerns are that the “secure & controllable” requirements for security technology will force providers to disclose how their products

DGI Brief -Nov 4, 2016

Happy Friday all. Today's top 3 global issues news are about #Haiti, #Turkey and a #GoodStoryFriday about #innovation & #socialentrepreneurship - HAITI: According to latest figures, more than 800,000 Haitians are in urgent need of food & there are still many inaccessible areas where Hurricane Matthew caused total destruction. The UN raised on 1/3 of its $120 million emergency appeal needed to help people over the next 3 months, including 315,000 children. At least 3,500 suspected cholera cases have been reported, but the numbers are likely higher given the many areas where help has not yet reached. Why it matters: How is it that we can’t raise measly $120 million to save almost a million of

DGI Brief - Nov 3, 2016

Good Thursday, everyone. Today's top 3 global issues news are about #UK, #WestAfrica and #climatechange - UK’s High Court ruled today that only the Parliament can vote on triggering article 50 to exit the European Union & not the government alone as claimed by PM Theresa May. The Court’s key argument was that although international in its nature, Brexit fundamentally affects domestic laws, which cannot be changed by the crown exercising its prerogative powers (the government) but only by the elected representatives of the people (the Members of Parliament). Why it matters: this ruling will likely delay the Brexit process, planned for March 2017 by PM May. It gives the Parliament full control

DGI Brief - Nov 2, 2016

Good Wednesday to all. Today's top 3 global issues news are about #journalists #Germany and #Iraq - WORLD: Since 2008, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) spotlights countries where journalists are murdered & their killers go free – meaning the murders remain unsolved. In 2016, Islamist militant groups were the top perpetrators of these heinous crimes (in Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria & Pakistan), followed closely by criminal groups & local government & military/police officials (Philippines, Mexico, Brazil, Russia & India). Why it matters: impunity is one of the greatest threats to press freedom, not only taking & destroying lives, but spreading a message of

DGI Brief - Nov 1, 2016

Happy Tuesday, all. Today's top 3 global issues news are about #Yemen #gendergap and the newest #China #Malaysia alliance: - YEMEN was already one of the poorest countries in the region, but 19 months of brutal war has made the situation truly dire. Half of the country is food insecure, with >1.5 million children acutely malnourished. 7.6 million people are now declared at risk of cholera, around 3.8 million of them are children & another deadly threat is looming – health officials recorded number of cases of measles. Why it matters: Measles is a highly infectious airborne virus & has the potential to spread rapidly amongst people not vaccinated, which with a broken healthcare system is the

DGI Brief - Oct 31, 2016

Happy Monday to all. Today's top 3 global issues news are about #wildlife #Canada #EU and #Lebanon: - WORLD: The biennial Living Planet Index report by WWF & Zoological Society of London provides disturbing data that animal populations on Earth have plummeted by 58% between 1970 & 2012, & will further decline to 67% by 2020. That means in less than 4 years, 2/3 of all wild animals will be lost due to human activity – destruction of wild habitats, hunting & pollution. Why it matters: Humanity depends on nature – for clean air, water, food, materials/resources & as scientifically proven for happiness & inspiration. Loss of biodiversity at such rapid rates will lead to a complete collapse of th


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