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DGI Brief - May 30, 2016

Good Monday to all. Today's top 5 global issues news from #SaudiArabia #Italy #Israel #Uganda and #Australia

- SAUDI ARABIA: The 11 HASEM members received combined 92 years in prison under terrorism, endangering national security & other charges aimed at silencing Saudi civil society. Appalling.

- ITALY: 16,478 refugee/migrant children arrived by sea in 2015, 2016 already saw arrival of 5,000. Under the “Joint Declaration of Intent” UNICEF will provide technical assistance & monitoring for activities addressing protection & humanitarian needs of children.

- ISRAEL: the new majority of nationalist & religious hard-liners in Netanyahu's government is making the international community & proponents of Palestinian peace process very nervous.

- UGANDA: The diplomatic tour of cooperation with African nations by South Korea's President has yielded positive outcomes. Congratulations.

- AUSTRALIA: Massive bleaching events around the world’s reef are triggered by global warming and El Nino that heats up water that turns corals white. Only lower water temperature can reverse the damage.

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