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DGI Brief - May 26, 2016

Good morning, everyone. Here are today's top 5 news on global issues: #Italy #Senegal #SriLanka #warcrimes and #Cameroon

- ITALY: Just this year, Italian Coast Guard brought 37,000 migrants to Italian shores as they attempted the perilous crossing from Libya. How many made it on their own & how many perished?

- SENEGAL: In 2 years, the Casamance forest may disappear, as illegal rosewood exports via Gambia to China flow unabated. “Soon the only thing growing will be climate refugees.” We truly must wake up, implement all our laws, regulations, initiatives. Take a stand! Watch your own consumption, ask about the suppliers & brands you support.

- SRI LANKA: Of course we ought to help, yet it is a steep price tag on what is becoming a much more frequent & common weather event. Are we prepared? #climatechange

- WORLD: That is exactly 960 people too many. Of the 60% of the deliberate attacks on hospitals & clinics, over half were perpetrated by governments! Attacks on healthcare facilities, workers and patients constitute war crimes. We all know this and yet…

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