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DGI Brief - Nov 21, 2016

Good Monday to all. Today's top 3 global issues news are about #Canada #Germany and #freetrade:

- CANADA announced today a goal to get 90% of its power from sustainable sources by 2030 & their plan centers on phasing out the use of coal-fired electricity. Why it matters: Coal is one of the dirtiest energy sources & causes of greenhouse gas emissions. Replacing it with clean/renewable technologies will significantly reduce nations’ carbon/GHG footprint & contribute to meeting - & hopefully exceeding – the global goals of the Paris Climate Agreement (COP21). Only 4 out of Canada’s 10 provinces still use coal-fired electricity. Canada joins Austria, Denmark, France, Netherlands & UK in accelerated coal phase outs, in stark contrast to US President-elect Trump’s plans to revive the dirty & exceedingly non-economical coal industry. The key, however, is to make the replacements not just cleaner, but truly renewable.

- GERMANY’s Angela Merkel announced she will seek a 4th term as Chancellor, continuing her 11 years as Germany’s first female leader. Why it matters: She will face strong opposition from both left & right especially for her leadership in addressing Syrian refugee crisis & the continuing euro crisis. Her party admits the elections will be hard to win with her, but impossible to win without her. Many around the world look to her as a beacon of hope in a world where populism, isolationism, protectionism & right-wing extremism are on the rise. Although she rejects the role of ‘savior of Western liberalism’, she stressed she will continue to fight for the values of democracy, freedom, rule of law, dignity & equality for every human being. We shall keep a close eye on who her opponents will be, their rhetoric & past achievements.

- Leaders of the ASIA PACIFIC Economic Cooperation (APEC) nations issued a pledge at the end of their annual summit held in Lima, Peru, to work toward a new massive free trade agreement – the Free Trade of Area of Asia Pacific – that would include all 21 members. Why it matters: The current political climate reflects free-trade skepticism & protectionism. Yet most understand that it is well regulated trade – promoting strong labor & environmental standards – that will lead to growth. With the TPP believed dead, nations are now clinging to other deals & partnerships. Turning away from such agreements would be a costly mistake. Yes I’m talking about the US.

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