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Why #ImWithHer

I am truly happy tonight.

The United States of America has nominated its first female candidate for president. I feel the power of that. Even though I am a young, educated, professional female who has enjoyed and taken full

advantage of my privileges. The shoulders, the backs of women who achieved these opportunities now available to me are long in the past, obscured from my consciousness by countless stories of women’s success.

For a moment I am sad that I will never truly know how our grandmothers and mothers must be feeling right now, those who in their lifetime were not allowed to participate in public and civic life. My sadness is fleeting though for I am oh so grateful not having had to suffer what they did. And I feel such happiness for you, our mothers and grandmothers, that it finally happened.

Grateful and thrilled that people and institutions of this country finally arrived at this moment – accepting that a woman can lead the United States, our lives, make decisions on our behalf, govern so we can prosper. Finally we are willing to put our lives and future in the hands of a woman. Allow a woman to protect us militarily as the Commander-in-Chief. Rely on a woman.

Yes, as a woman I am filled with the importance of this moment. Sure there are and have been women leaders all around the world. But personally, I view the United States of America to be the greatest and most important country in the world. So when a global leader like the USA is finally ready to be led by a woman, the message to the rest of the world is loud and clear. I certainly find this empowering.

So I appeal to all of you, my fellow sisters, who can’t relate to Hillary Clinton. Dislike her personally. Can’t imagine how all these strides in women’s rights can be rolled back, undone in for us unknown ways.

My ask is simple.

Get mad and offended that a woman with impossibly impressive qualifications has to compete for a job with a buffoon. An imbecile. For the job at hand that is. I’m sure Mr. Trump has many skills, achievements and experiences – even some expertise – in his repertoire, although to me he seems a simpleton and a con. But for the job of the president of the United States he is simply unqualified. Sitting next to a woman who not only studied and trained for this role, she held every key position that prepared her with concrete experience. Professional presidential experience. Like us, girl started at the bottom, ya heard, and she worked her butt off into management. And now the next logical step is to be the boss. So she’s going for it. It’s historical! And who is her competitor? Who’s sitting next to her applying for the same position? Some street vendor. A primitive amateur. And they are considering him! Do you know how offensive that is to us women? It says – despite all your strength, experience, dedication, achievements, skills, we’re not sure you can do it. You’re a woman. So we’re gonna see if this uninformed little orange man could do it.

Listen! Yes, she’s made some awful mistakes, terrible decisions on the job. Every single one of us has. If you haven’t yet, you will. It’s how you learn. But know that all of her predecessors made just as bad mistakes. We know she reflected on these tragic bad calls. We know she learned. Practiced. Got smarter. Got her experience. Like we all do on a job, in school, in our relationships. And next to her is a punk, who spews ridiculousness. Yes he speaks his mind, but it’s a small, uninformed, selfish, hateful, ordinary mind. That’s not the dude you want running things. Forget learning on the job of the President of the United States. We can’t afford his mistakes. We really can’t. Mistakes on the job of the President of the United States cost lives. Literally and figuratively. Mrs. Clinton knows something about that.

So the decision shouldn’t be hard, right? This isn’t about policies, beliefs. This is about qualifications. And there is a clear winner here. And a clearly unacceptable unqualified applicant. But the perfect candidate for the job is a woman. So we give this pile of intellectual poverty a chance to show himself? Are you frigging kidding me? That’s beyond offensive! It’s infuriating. We can’t stand for that. For once and all, women are equal to men! So get effing mad. It’s ridiculous! Vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton. Vote for the qualified woman. Empower all of us. ‘Cuz she needs us to have her back. She deserves that from us for all her frigging impossibly hard work getting where she did! And she’ll be under unprecedented scrutiny for that. But with our support, she’s got it.

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