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DGI Brief - July 19, 2016

Good morning, all. Today's top 5 global issues news are about #Iraq #China #Lebanon #Malawi and #Russia #Ukraine

- IRAQ: Prime Minister al-Abadi accepted the resignation of Ministers of Interior, Oil, Transport, Housing, Water Resources & Industry. His plan is to appoint technocrats who won’t be sucked into the sectarian power-sharing struggle. That’s a noble aim. Is it possible? Iraq’s Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, among many other things, responded to the minor increase of US troops fighting ISIS by telling his followers those troops “are a target for us”. Very precarious situation.

- CHINA is showing its strength in the face of a ruling by an international tribunal that it has no claims over the disputed territories in the South China Sea. But let’s not single out just China – what other countries blatantly disregard international law? It’s just that this one affects a major trading route, sot he economic stakes are high.

- The staggering numbers about Syrian refugee children aren’t limited to LEBANON. There are serious concerns about an entire generation of Syrian children growing up without an education. What kind of future will Syria have post-conflict when such large parts of its population will have limited or no education? How can a country rebuild, govern, develop with a lost generation?

- Conservation efforts in MALAWI & across Africa include the plans to relocate 1000 elephants this year to safer national parks, & will continue again next year during dry season. Conservationists estimate the elephant population is down to fewer than 500,000 from several million over the last 100 years. Our (human) encroachment on the environment & animal poachers are the main cause. You can learn more & donate to these wonderful conservation efforts on

- Hundreds of women from RUSSIA & UKRAINE are uniting, sharing their personal stories on Facebook about rape, sexual violence & abuse – aiming for the two governments to address this widespread issue. Like most places around the world, sexual violence carries stigma for the victims causing a culture of silence & impunity. Enough. #IAmNotAfraidToSpeak

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