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DGI Brief - July 18, 2016

Happy Monday, all. Today's top 5 global issues news are about #Turkey, #Iran #HIV & #AIDS around the #world, #Bangladesh and #Nigeria

- TURKEY: Following an attempted coup by members of the military, President Erdogan’s government suspended & detained thousands of police & military officers, & more worrisome, thousands of judges, legal advisors & dozens of generals. Concerns are such wide sweeps indicate lists of names were drawn up long before the coup, suggesting … well, whatever personal opinions or conspiracy theories, Erdogan is definitely tightening his grip on power, moving closer to total autocracy. Democracy & freedom are in serious jeopardy.

- IRAN: AP has obtained & verified the authenticity of this document that would allow Iran to use nuclear technology in the 11th year of the nuclear agreement that would double the rate of uranium enrichment – enough to make a nuclear weapon in less than 6 months. No one is saying this will happen, but legally, it is possible.

- WORLD continues to face high HIV infection rates (2.1 million in 2015) & poor access to treatment – more than half of those infected with HIV (20 mil) don’t have access - & severe shortages in funding. Despite last month’s pledge by world leaders to end AIDS by 2030, about $13 billion is needed in the next 3 years to actually deliver on that promise. With all that is going on, will this be a priority?

- BANGLADESH court will try 41 people – owners & managers of garment factories housed in the Rana Plaza industrial complex that collapsed in 2013 killing 1,100 & injuring thousands – for murder. The question of accountability for brands that used these criminal/negligent supply chains remains. How far can a company go to ensure its sustainability & corporate social responsibility mission is upheld? Definitely farther than allowing its production chains subcontract to unverified third parties.

- NIGERIA is Africa’s largest economy & the crisis it faces is concerning for the region. Islamist militants of Boko Haram continue to threaten peace & security, while other militant groups attack Nigeria’s oil installations in protest of inequitable profit sharing.

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