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DGI Brief - July 11, 2016

Happy Monday, all. Today's top 5 news on global issues are about #SouthSudan #UK #Israel #Venezuela and #NorthKorea

- On the 5th year anniversary of SOUTH SUDAN’s independence, heavy clashes between President Kiir’s forces & Vice President Machar’s loyalists seem to have restarted a civil war – a real power struggle, along ethnic lines, full of war crimes including rape & use of child soldiers. The world’s youngest country, at brink of an economic collapse & now new wave of violence, deserves better. Lock Kiir & Machar in a room & don’t let them out until they figure it out between themselves…

- UK: Respect to Andrea Leadsom for pulling out of the race, sparing UK months of campaigning – all attention is needed to deal with the complexities of #Brexit. Sensible women!

- ISRAEL: Five Israeli & American families filed the lawsuit in New York federal court, alleging Facebook violates US anti-terrorism laws by allowing presence of militant groups that help them radicalize & recruit. I know these families are in pain, but suing Facebook? How about joining together to figure out a peaceful solution to the 50 years of conflict, the root cause of all these senseless deaths?

- Crisis in VENEZUELA continues: shortages of food, basic supplies, energy & currency have forced tens of thousands to cross over to Colombia after the two governments opened a “humanitarian corridor” on Sunday to buy food. Meanwhile another major manufacturer, Kimberly-Clark, suspended its operations due to the economic crisis, joining the ranks of General Mills, Procter & Gamble, Bridgestone etc. A sign of worse days to come.

- NORTH KOREA retaliates for US sanctions against Kim Jong-un & US-South Korean plans to deploy anti-missile systems with escalating threats of war… & stubbornness. Your move, China. Can you calm your neighbor or is your dislike of US/South Korean actions greater?

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