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DGI Brief - June 28, 2016

Good morning, everyone. Today's top 5 news on global issues are about #Mexico #Brexit #Tanzania #Indonesia and #Yemen

- MEXICO: Amnesty Int’l focused on female detainees – of 100 interviewed women, 72 reported sexual torture during arrest, 97 beaten or physically abused. Is the number 100 too low number to extrapolate system-wide conclusion? As a researcher I am cautious. As a woman, I say “absolutely not.” AI was prevented by Mexican authorities to interview more. The Attorney General’s Office did not comment.

- BREXIT: it’d be tempting to throw up hands & let the ‘leave’ camp deal w/ the mess, but of course we can’t. Strong leadership is needed to steer the UK out as smoothly as possible. When the referendum was put to vote, the scenarios had to be worked out to the slightest detail, right? Please say yes. Then get to those plans, play them out, firmly, steadily, swiftly.

- The discovery of 54 billion cubic feet of helium in TANZANIA is dubbed a “game changer”. The gas is used in MRI scanners, telescopes & spacecraft. Great for the world’s helium needs, but the question is – is Tanzania stable enough to develop these deposits? Sustainably, equitably & peacefully?

- INDONESIA’s new tax amnesty bill won’t penalize people or companies who have not declared taxes before & offers generous tax breaks for declaring assets abroad. Of the 250 mil citizens, only 30 mil are registered taxpayers. Still, if the rich evaded taxes thus far, will this be enough of an incentive?

- YEMEN: ‘suspending’ peace talks is just taking a break from finding solutions for a conflict that continues to kill & displace & starve innocent civilians. As with any other conflict, the end always comes through talks. So save lives & keep on talking!

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