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DGI Brief - June 16, 2016

Good morning to all. Today's top 5 news on global issues are from #Poland #Israel #Ukraine #Iraq and #CentralAfricanRepublic

- POLAND’s Environment Minister claims the logging in the Bialowieza Forest is coordinated w/ EU environmental authorities to fight the spread of bark beetle. Greenpeace & WWF disagree out of concern for biodiversity in this UNESCO world heritage site. If guilty, Poland could face severe fines. It won’t repair the damage, but can be a deterrent for other countries.

- ISRAEL: Yaloon’s assessment sounds right, it is the core of politics throughout the world. It doesn’t mean that threats aren’t real, just that focusing on the enemy outside allows distraction from domestic issues like corruption, crackdown on freedoms & civil societies. Do the test – every time a politician raises a stink about something frightening internationally, check their links to domestic issues.

- UKRAINE will register its protest w/ the General Assembly claiming Ban Ki-moon lost “any moral right” to speak about the conflict. Yes, the Secretary-General is known for his gaffes, but you try to speak about the world’s affairs with its many conflicts w/o offending one of the sides. Meanwhile, the new US aid is for strengthening democracy & rule of law, sustainable development & humanitarian issues.

- IRAQ: The call by Masrour Barzani, head of Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) Security Council & so of KRG’s President, isn’t new, but it foreshadows the potential further conflict between Shi’ites, Sunnis & Kurds in post-ISIS Iraq – whenever that may be. The mistrust, even hatred, run deep.

- CAR: The Lord’s Resistance Army, originating from Uganda, notorious for using child soldiers, has killed more than 100,000 people & kidnapped over 60,000 children during its terror-reign since mid-1980s. But now they are CAR’s problem as Uganda decides to pull 2,000 troops, leaving the fight to the African Union and 10,000 UN peacekeepers.

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