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DGI Brief - June 14, 2016

Good morning. Today's top 5 news on global issues are from #Singapore #India #EU #Egypt and #Ethiopia #Eritrea

- Due to drought in Malaysia, SINGAPORE’s water supplier, the island city-state achieved self-reliance through a mixture of desalination & water recycling projects as well as expanded catchment areas. #innovation #sustainability

- INDIA’s increase in military imports & potential membership in NSG will undoubtedly drive Pakistan to build up more, which China sees as threat to its national interests.

- Turkey is a dangerous bully & the EU is in a precarious situation – its approach to deal with the migration crisis sweeping across Europe only seems to play into the hands of other nations in a form of political blackmail.

- EGYPT: almost 300 protesters were arrested for demonstrating Egypt’s handover of Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia, but this time around most were freed w/o charges, acquitted or released on bail. Still concerned about freedoms in Egypt, but at least these 300 aren’t rotting in jails.

- The relations between ETHIOPIA & ERITREA continue to be sour. Each side accuses the other of wrongful conduct, each side claims military superiority, each side believes they inflicted heavy casualties on the other… and each side may be willing to go to full war. It would certainly “distract” from the repeating failures of both governments towards their citizens.

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