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DGI Brief - June 8, 2016

Happy Wednesday, all. Today's top 5 #news on global issues are from #Syria #USA #India #PapuaNewGuinea #Nigeria and the #EU:

- SYRIA: Not a surprise position, just as it isn’t a surprise other parties won’t accept Assad’s declaration – to them it isn’t liberation. Sadly these hardline stances only extend the conflict. Can’t have peace w/o compromise.

- If US & INDIA, the world’s 2nd & 3rd largest carbon emitters, put the Paris agreement to work this year, it will create a huge momentum. India is concerned about cost & financing, understandably, but the costs of not implementing the climate pact are…fatal.

- IRAQ: ISIS shoots at Fallujah residents trying to flee, while militias backing Iraqi forces detain those fleeing & interrogate w/ torture, a form of sectarian cleansing known to so many.

- NIGERIA: 4th attack in 4 weeks, halving Nigeria’s oil production. The militant groups asks for greater share of oil wealth for local communities, gaining them local support. The Nigerian government is attempting peace negotiations, but clearly unsuccessfully.

- EU: The intent is positive - understanding the root causes of migration must be addressed at national levels, but unfortunately the incentives can be misused as ‘black mail’ tools – governments aren’t accountable to curb migration out of their own national interests, but to get aid from the EU. But isn’t that the dark shadow of all aid, development & humanitarian?

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