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DGI Brief - June 7, 2016

Good morning, world. Today's top 5 news on global issues are from #SaudiArabia #UnitedNations #Australia #Iraq #Haiti and #Burundi

- SAUDI ARABIA/UN: The low of politics.

- AUSTRALIA: Facebook & News Corp will stream the debate, aim is to reach more voters.

- IRAQ: ISIS shoots Fallujah residents trying to flee, while Shia'a militias backing Iraqi forces detain those fleeing & interrogate w/ torture, a form of sectarian cleansing known to so many.

- HAITI: All 54 candidates will be allowed to run, electoral commission puts in new measures to reduce fraud this time around.

- BURUNDI: the crime of insulting the head of state is punishable by ½ to 5 yrs in prison and $32 fine. The students range from 14-19 of age. It is so scary there are “educators” who would go this far & report such a totally high school thing.

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