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DGI Brief - May 11, 2016

Good morning to all. Today's top 5 news on global issues are from #Iraq #DRC #Turkey #Germany and #SaudiArabia:

  • Today is the deadliest string of attacks Baghdad has seen this year, greatly undermining the advances against ISIS. Iraq is in a deep political crisis and the military fight to retake Mosul and Anbar province won’t succeed without cross-sectarian cohesion.

  • DRC: how long can Congo postpone elections past November allowing Kabila to extend his 15-year rule? Just ask any neighboring country, really.

  • Turkey’s definition of ‘terrorist’ & ‘terrorist act’ is purposefully broad to include freedom of expression and press. Even USD 6.8 billion and fast-track EU membership won’t incentivize Erdogan to loosen his power grip over the country, it seems. Meanwhile, migrants and refugees are stuck in a nightmare limbo. Shameful.

  • In Germany, some 50,000 gay men were convicted for homosexuality. The new legislation, proposed by Germany’s justice minister will annul these convictions and create “a right to compensation”.

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