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Daily Global Issues Brief - May 6, 2016 (headlines)

A good Friday to all. Here are today's top 5 news on global issues from #Syria #Nigeria #NorthKorea #Kazakhstan and a #GoodStoryFriday about #disabilities

  • Everyone denies responsibility for the “seemingly calculated attack” on an internally displaced persons (IDPs) camp as the world issues the strongest condemnations. Was it an airstrike or a ground rocket shelling? Either way, what will be the consequences for this heinous war crime?

  • NIGERIA: The demands of the militants center around greater share of oil profits for fishermen & farming communities destroyed by oil pollution.

  • As expected, Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un was celebrated for his achievements making North Korea a nuclear-armed state. An aspirational claim at best, but not impossible in the near future. What a diplomatic pickle this is!

  • #GoodStoryFriday: The new app Access Earth will allow people rate places around the world – restaurants, hotels and other tourist attractions – based on how accessible they are to people with mobility disabilities.

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