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Daily Global Issues Brief - April 19, 2016 (headlines)

Good morning, here are my top 5 news on global issues - today from Israel, Iraq, Macedonia, Colombia and Afghanistan.

IRAQ - with the newest decision to deploy more than 200 additional troops to Iraq to assist Iraqi forces' mission to retake Mosul, the number of US troops now stands at 4,000. This support isn't all that clear cut, creating ripple effects in PM Abadi's bewildered government.

COLOMBIA - The Colombian Government paused the spraying of illegal coca crops after the weed killer was globally declared carcinogenic by WHO, but less than a year later, it is now resuming its use in the most costly manner imaginable: manually! This technique requires countless manpower to apply the herbicide namely military forces to protect the crew in areas littered with rebels and land mines. And the substance did not become any less carcinogenic...

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