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DGI Brief - Nov 15, 2016

Good Tuesday, everyone. Today's top 3 global issues news are about #newsmedia #DominicanRepublic and #Asia #USA relations:

- WORLD: Google & Facebook are updating policies & algorithms that will prevent/restrict their advertising content from being placed on fake news sites. Why it matters: Both – but especially Facebook – face the challenge of fake news content dominating feeds & being promoted by their algorithms as real news to millions of users. The aim of updating their policies is to go after these sites’ advertising revenues & prevent them from making profit from misleading information. Given that in this US election cycle, up to 39% of “news” stories circulating on FB turned out to be completely fabricated, it is an important policy change. Makes me wonder whether I’ve shared/reposted news articles without always ensuring they came from a legitimate news source – I believe that is my responsibility as an informed individual.

- DOMINICAN REPUBLIC is being pelted by heavy rains for 2 weeks straight, causing flooding, numerous landslides & forced evacuations of >20,000 people from along the north coast. Why it matters: Extreme weather will continue to be more frequent globally – weeks of heavy rain not only cost lives & destroy infrastructure, they have lasting effects on all forms of production – agricultural, manufacturing etc. We must reprioritize extreme weather/climate change resilience & preparedness if we want to stand a chance & continue economic development & growth.

- The ASIA Foundation released a report warning that if President-elect Trump delivered on his campaign promises & withdrew US forces from the region, the leadership vacuum could lead to a nuclear arms race. Why it matters: With assertive China & provocative North Korea & disengaged US, Asian nations would likely turn to intense arms race to protect themselves & “trigger massive destabilization of the regional order”. Hopefully the next administration understands this would be detrimental to the US also. But the report does see positive opportunities in Trump’s inexperience as a ‘clean slate’ to improve relations with many nations frustrated by failed US policies/promises, as well as an opening for improved Asian cooperation less dependent on US protection.

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