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DGI Brief - Nov 8, 2016

Happy Tuesday to all, and happy voting, America! Today's top 3 global issues news are about #Haiti #SouthKorea and #UK:

- Since the devastating Hurricane Matthew hit HAITI on October 4, the number of cholera cases has been rising, with estimated >3,000 new cases especially in the worst-hit provinces of Grande-Anse & Sud. Haiti’s health ministry & int’l aid organizations launched a massive cholera vaccination campaign today with the aim to vaccinate >820,000 people within a week. Why it matters: Cholera – introduced to Haiti by UN peacekeepers in 2010 – has killed >10,000 people since 2010 & the current water & sanitation crisis is seriously undermining all humanitarian efforts. A lasting recovery is only possible with a healthy population.

- The scandal that has engulfed SOUTH KOREA centers on investigation into whether a ‘mysterious’ confidant manipulated President Park Geun-hye & influenced government decisions. To mitigate the fallout, she conceded her presidential power to name her new prime minister to the National Assembly lawmakers – majority of who are members of the opposition party. Why it matters: Although the PM’s role is largely symbolic, there have always been calls to balance the large role of the presidency by giving the PM office more power. The naming of the next PM by the opposition may weaken President Park’s decision-making power, especially as the probe continues & reveals more. For example, the Samsung headquarters were raided today in connection with the investigation. Could we see a presidency stripped of authority?

- UK: Prime Minister May’s government just receive another hurdle to mount before Britain triggers Article 50 to leave the EU. Last week the Supreme Court ruled that British Parliament must first get a vote before the government begins the Brexit process (the government appealed), & today, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced that Scotland will formally apply to the Supreme Court & also seek the requirement that Scottish Parliament give consent before Article 50 is triggered. Why it matters: Scotland voted against independence from the UK in 2014, reportedly largely for the benefits of being part of the EU. It was Scotland who voted overwhelmingly to stay in the EU in the June referendum & now suggests it may seek another mandate for independence if forced to leave the EU bloc. Will it work & would Northern Ireland consider the same?

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