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DGI Brief - July 14, 2016

Good morning, everyone. Today's top 5 global issues news are about #Afghanistan #Ukraine #Iraq #ElSalvador and #SouthSudan

- The Pakistani Taliban leader Umar Narai, who was hiding in AFGHANISTAN’s Nangarhar province, was wanted for planning the 2014 attack on a school in Pakistan that killed 150 people, mostly children. He is confirmed dead, killed by US drone strike. Meanwhile in Ghor, locust infestation destroyed half of the crops because needed pesticides were provided too late. Very poor preparedness in a place where every kernel counts.

- The report on UKRAINE’s 2-yr conflict shows both sides committed grave crimes including killing of civilians by indiscriminate shelling of residential areas, summary executions of civilians & servicemen, including those who reported abuses. Accountability can help the healing of these deep, ugly wounds of war.

- The Peshmerga, IRAQI Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) military force, have been true heroes in the fight against ISIS. The aid package includes money and equipment.

- The 12-year civil war in EL SALVADOR culminated w/ a peace accord & an amnesty law that spared the military & rebels alike from prosecution for crimes committed during the conflict that killed 75,000. The Supreme Court found parts of this law unconstitutional & the ruling gives way to potential prosecution for war crimes. Interesting for Colombia, who just signed a peace deal with FARC that included an amnesty for crimes committed during that 50-yr civil war.

- SOUTH SUDAN: Both the President & Vice President ordered their loyalist to stop fighting. This ceasefire is holding its 4th day, but people continue to evacuate/flee as they can. Reports surface that security forces are preventing South Sudanese citizens from leaving the country, especially men. Not a good sign.

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