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DGI Brief - June 9, 2016

Good morning, all. Today's top 5 news on global issues are about the #world #peace #Eritrea #Israel #Pakistan and the #Philippines

  • WORLD peace has been deteriorating in the past decade – 25-yr highs in battle deaths from conflict, terrorism; 60-yr high in displacement. The gap btw least & most peaceful countries also widened. Learn more

  • ERITREA’s forced conscription of young men & women into military service w/o an end was found to be at the top of list of committed & ongoing crimes of enslavement, imprisonment, disappearances, torture, rape & murder. Last year alone 47,000+ Eritreans applied for asylum in Europe, just a tip of the iceberg of mass exodus of especially young people.

  • PAKISTAN points to many security concerns after the US officially supported India’s membership to NSG. A race to the bottom.

  • PHILIPPINO President-elect Duterte made comments about journalists interpretable as incitement to media killings… oh US, it’s like having a crystal ball that shows what the future could be. Giving someone ‘benefit of the doubt’ to become more presidential is wishful thinking.

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