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Daily Global Issues Brief - May 3, 2016 (headlines)

Good morning, all. My top 5 news on global issues today are from #Asia #Australia #Gaza #Israel and #Brazil. It's hard to wish a happy World Press Freedom Day when so many journalists around the world are under attack.

- El Niño’s opening act for what many fear will be a showstopper La Niña continues to ravage: 58,000 people in Myanmar are affected, while 40% of the Philippines is affected by drought – 11 provinces, 10 cities and 26 municipalities declared state of calamity.

- It is the 2nd self-immolation by an asylum-seeker in less than a week – despair or protest of Australia’s immigration policy? Officials claim latter, blame human rights activists for giving “false hope”.

- Brazil’s president Rousseff promises the Rio Olympic games will be “most successful Olympics in history” as she faces impeachment and Brazil suffers political, economic crises and a Zika virus outbreak.

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