Daily Global Issues Brief - March 22, 2016 (video)


Daily Global Issues Brief – March 22, 2016

  1. BELGIUM: ISIS claims responsibility for Brussels explosions that killed at least 34, wounded 200

  2. US/SYRIA: Justice Departments files charges against Syrian pro-Assad hackers

  3. COLOMBIA: US Secretary Kerry meets Colombian peace negotiators; despite peace talks 250,000 children affected by the conflict

  4. DRC: In landmark case ICC finds former Congolese rebel leader guilty of war crimes for rape and sexual violence

  5. WATER: One in 10 people have no access to clean water

#WorldWaterDay #Blue4Water

Here are some links to inspire, have a conversation and continue the important work of bringing clean water to all.

- UN WATER: An entity that coordinates the UN’s work on water and sanitation www.unwater.org/worldwaterday

- WATER.ORG: Bringing water and sanitation to the world.


- WATERAID: works in the world’s poorest countries helping communities to set up and manage practical and sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene projects; and campaign to change policy and practice to ensure water and sanitation’s vital role in reducing poverty is recognized. www.wateraid.org/us/get-involved

Know of other organizations working on water issues? Please share. Thank you.

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