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DGI Brief - Aug 12, 2016

Happy Friday to all. Today's top 5 global issues news are about global #health #Russia #Ukraine #SouthChinaSea #Venezuela #Colombia and a #GoodStoryFriday about the power and potential of our #nextgeneration

- Monitoring the many violent conflicts around the WORLD, we are seeing the vicious re-emergence of easily preventable childhood diseases - from confirmed measles outbreaks in Syria to 5-yr undetected circulation of polio in areas of Nigeria terrorized by Boko Haram. The inability of healthcare systems on the frontlines of conflict to vaccinate children and the lack of access of humanitarian organizations to help is creating another global risk – public health. We have the science & tools to eradicate most of these diseases, so let’s not go back in time. We must PROTECT & fund medical workers in conflict zones! Urge your politicians to build pressure on the warring sides – no more attacks on health facilities anywhere!

- Since RUSSIA annexed Crimea from UKRAINE in March 2014, we’ve seen a conflict that killed more than 9,500 people. And it could get worse. The tensions between Russia & Ukraine are rising, w/ Ukraine putting its troops on combat alert in border regions as Russia prepares for naval exercises in the Black Sea. There is no trust btw. the 2 sides, who are both considering severing diplomatic ties if the situation worsens. Must, must, must build trust to ease the tensions, for if there is a security incident, the flair up could be catastrophic.

- As tensions rise in SOUTH CHINA SEA with China’s defense development of the Spratly islands & Vietnam increasing activity, PHILIPPINES’ special envoy to CHINA, former President Fidel Ramos, is seeking formal talks to ease tensions over territorial claims, fishing & other economic rights. Japan also expressed desires to resolve regional maritime disputes. We know it takes time, openness & above all patience, but talks are the only way to reach a peaceful solution. Our civilization has developed the right tools to achieve this.

- It seems ancient history why VENEZUELA and COLOMBIA closed their shared border almost a year ago to stem smuggling. With Venezuela in deep economic crisis, the reopening of the common border will serve to allow regular people access to food & supplies they have long been lacking. The 2 countries will establish bilateral cells to oversee immigration & security at the border. As a first step, 5 pedestrian border crossings will be open this Saturday. Truly impactful, impressive & appreciated cooperation, vecinos queridos.

- #GoodStoryFriday Hailing from 9 countries, the young scientists aged between 13-18 have

reached the Google Science Fair finals with incredibly impactful projects. From ways to detect lung & breast cancer to combatting drought w/ orange peels, these bright minds will energize you about the world’s future. Please meet them on

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