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DGI Brief - June 6, 2016

Happy Monday, everyone. Today's top 5 news on global issues are from #Yemen #Nigeria #Afghanistan #Europe #NATO and #China

- SAUDI ARABIA: Then please provide measurements that too can be independently verified. Oh what’s that silence?

- NIGERIA: Due to conflict, displacement & food security, famine-like situation could occur w/o swift aid. Certainly couple millions can be allocated for aid from the recovered $9.1 billion?

- AFGHANISTAN: Mines for the blue stones are heavily unregulated & are, after drugs, 2nd largest source of income for the Taliban. ISIS also battles for its share of the market.

- EUROPE: 31,000 troops from Poland, US and other NATO countries participate while Russia declares the “Anaconda-16” exercise as a threat to its security.

- SOUTH CHINA SEA: Over the weekend, Indonesia shot at and seizes Chinese fishing boat for entering its waters, China called US hypocritical for not ratifying the UN law of the sea, and combined regional defense budgets are projected to grow by at least 100 billion (to $533 billion) by 2020. No, apparently we all can’t just get along.

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