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DGI Brief - May 16, 2016

Good Monday morning, everyone. Today's top 5 news on global issues are from the #Philippines #Iran #Colombia #Venezuela and #Libya

  • The Philippines: also on President-elect Rodrigo Duerte’s menu: control crime with “shoot-to-kill” policy, hang killers & hang them 2nd time if convicted of killing along with robbery & rape, ban the use of luxury cars by Cabinet members, impose a curfew for drinking, ban children walking alone…

  • Iran: The crackdown operation Spider II arrested 8 & identified 170 from Instagram & Facebook – models, photographers & makeup artists involved in modeling without headscarves. 7,000 undercover officers police Tehran for violations of Islamic dress code – yes, targeting mostly women.

  • Libya: Will the UN-brokered unity government overcome political and Parliament divisions before we start arming them?

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