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Daily Global Issues Brief - April 26, 2016 (headlines)

Good morning, my top 5 news on global issues today are from #UK #Philippines #Turkey #Crimea and #SaudiArabia

- The outcry against UK’s vote to turn its back on 3,000 unaccompanied #Syrian #refugee #children ought to be deafening! The reasoning that taking in unaccompanied children would lead to more kids being sent alone is just pure false…in the meantime, it is estimated that 10,000 children disappeared upon arriving to Europe, likely stolen by criminal gangs. That is unacceptable - are we not for child protection anymore?

- As Turkey accepts third wave of deported migrants, it vows to boost protections for Syrian and non-Syrian refugees – giving legal cover to deportations under the EU-Turkey migrant deal

- The ban of the #Mejlis – leaders of the #Tatar community – together with a ruling that the Mejlis is an extremist group paves the terrifying way for “legal” discrimination of 15% of the Crimean population.

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