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Petra Hand Consulting brings high-level policy as well as practical sustainability experience to help you grow your business as a force for good. Advance the social and environmental impact of your organization, and be proactive in your CSR and sustainability initiatives.


STRATEGY: Whether you want to better your environmental performance, build social impact into your business culture, or become a sustainability leader in your industry, we will work together to visualize the big picture, break it into concrete action steps, develop the right strategy to connect you to your purpose and successfully achieve your goals.


IMPLEMENTATION: Undertake the right impact assessments and supply chain due diligence, and ensure the application of and compliance with the appropriate guidelines and regulations at the national and global level, including UN, GIIP, OECD, IFC, ISO, CDP, EPA, Cap & Trade, Benefit Corporation etc.


REPORTING: Accountability and transparency are key elements of meeting the social and environmental impact commitments of your organization, and being responsible to your investors, employees and other stakeholders. Petra Hand Consulting provides top-level quality reporting – GRI, IR, ESMS, GISR, UN Global Compact and B Corp certification.

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