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Manage political risks and mitigate any potential impact of new policies, legislative and regulatory proposals on your operations through strategic engagement and alliances. With over 10 years of high-level political, policy and diplomatic engagement around the world, Petra Hand Consulting will serve as the right government liaison to protect your organizational interests.


POLICY ANALYSIS: Petra Hand Consulting monitors and analyzes proposed legislation and policy frameworks at the local, national and international levels that may affect your present and future operations, facilities and/or products.


ADVOCACY: We help you to develop and implement advocacy strategies that confirm your organization’s position and goals. We also develop plans to cultivate and maintain strong relations at all levels of the government, trade associations and the communities you serve.


CONTRACTING & REPORTING: Effectively navigate the rules and regulations that govern contracting and procurement with public sector agencies. Petra Hand Consulting provides the expertise necessary for quality reporting focused on the metrics and priorities required by the relevant authorities.


PROTOCOL: Conduct your interaction and communication with government entities according to the correct protocols.

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