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With direct professional experience from 40 countries across 4 continents, Petra Hand Consulting has the cultural and business know-how to help you design ambitious strategic action plans to enter new markets, grow your business globally, and maximize impact while mitigating risks, managing crises, and seizing new opportunities.


STRATEGY: We will work together to visualize the big picture, break it into concrete action steps, and develop the right strategy to successfully achieve your goals and maximize impact.


LOCALIZATION: We believe the path to success for internationally involved clients is to “adapt globally, integrate locally”. We help you to master the local contexts, design your market strategies and business activities to support local aspirations, and become integrated into the local social fabric. Such approach is proven to maximize impact, grow your reputation, increase your competitive advantage, and has positive implications the security of your operations, staff and facilities.


INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMACY: We speak the language of the private and public sectors to help you build powerful networks and connect with the right business partners, public officials and key stakeholders.


CRISIS MANAGEMENT:  Petra Hand Consulting has significant experience managing and mitigating crises around the world. We have the capacity to arrive on the scene quickly, engage the right teams to ensure business continuity and manage operations and communications with the utmost efficiency, accountability and discretion.

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