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Partnerships between the public and private sector are becoming increasingly desirable and necessary. They reflect the need for collaborative and innovative solutions to address the challenges faced by our communities around the world. Petra Hand Consulting has the high-level expertise to navigate the critical intersection between business and government - build powerful coalitions to scale operations, enable public sector entities to better fulfill their mandates while maximize your organization’s impact, and unlock co-funding from donors, governments, impact funds and investors.


PROTOCOL: Conduct your interaction and communication with government entities according to the established protocols and norms to ensure success.


PROGRAMMING: Ensure your strategy and program design define the roles and scope of partnerships at the local, regional or global level; determine the right governance functions; and develop financing proposals that can unlock additional funding streams from impact funds and development donors.


IMPLEMENTATION: Petra Hand Consulting helps you negotiate Terms of Reference (TORs)/Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs); provides on-the-ground implementation services – composition of logistics, operations & security  - as well as comprehensive diplomatic and stakeholder engagement.


MONITORING & EVALUATION: Ensure that information on a partnership’s performance is collected, analyzed, reported on and shared effectively and according to the established protocols, norms and reporting requirements.

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