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"My mission is to work with clients interested in

promoting growth and enticing change

both within their own organizations

and in the communities and markets they serve." 

                                                      - Petra Hand

I founded Petra Hand Consulting as a boutique consulting firm to help organizations and businesses with global  interests effectively navigate the rapidly changing international stage.  I spent decades gaining knowledge and valuable professional and personal experience in challenging roles around the world. I came to understand, first-hand, the avoidable limitations and untapped opportunities of globalization: shifting geopolitical tides, international and national frameworks and policies, sustainability, development and cultural adaptation.


I help clients explore fresh ideas and innovative answers and integrate them creatively into any organizational culture, fitting within their policies while maintaining flexibility.


I offer clients customized solutions and training designed to address their global engagement challenges, to identify and seize new opportunities and to enhance their results. I draw from over 10 years of experience working with the United Nations and corporate entities across 4 continents in a vast array of contexts and environments.


My methodology aims to assist clients achieve their organizational goals while also understanding the influences and effects of world affairs on their operations. I believe this is a key ingredient in building and maintaining a competitive global advantage.


My methods are a unique and highly effective blend of expertise, skills, and insights from different industries, political and policy systems, cultures and interests. That is why I can provide my clients with game-changing advice.


Please do take a look around to learn more about me and how my services and perspectives can benefit your company or organization.

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